What Are Processed Foodstuff?

Processed food items refer to any meals which is changed from its natural condition. This can include things like foodstuff that was only slice, washed, heated, pasteurized, canned, cooked, frozen, dried, dehydrated, blended, or packaged. It also can incorporate foodstuff that has added preservatives, vitamins, flavors, salts, sugars, or fat.

Commonly, people today assume processed foods are “bad.” When there are a whole lot of processed alternatives that are significantly less wholesome, some processed food items are wholesome.

What Are the Types of Processed Foodstuff?

The United Nations has a food stuff grouping scale referred to as the NOVA food items classification. It places food items into four teams:

Group one: Unprocessed or minimally processed meals. This group incorporates foods like contemporary blueberries, roasted nuts, chopped greens, or other meals that have slight improvements. These foodstuff are organized like this to make them much easier to entry.

This group may well also incorporate items that have been dried, frozen, refrigerated, filtered, fermented, or put in vacuum-sealed offers. This is intended to maintain the all-natural foodstuff and let you to securely try to eat them afterwards.

Team two: Processed culinary ingredients. This team incorporates choices like butter, oils, sugar, or salts. They’re ingredients that arrive from nature but are slightly adjusted. They may perhaps have been pressed, refined, milled, or dried. They’ve gone by way of this process to make it simpler for you to use them in your kitchen. These alternatives are not meant to be eaten on your own. They’re intended to be extra to foodstuff in the course of meal preparing.

Group three: Processed food items. These include canned fish, fruits in syrup, bottled vegetables, cheese, contemporary bread, or other possibilities that ended up produced with additional salt, oil, sugar, or other matters from groups one or two.

Most of these foods have two or three substances. They’re edible by them selves but can also be extra to other dishes. The food stuff in this group was processed to make it extra secure or incorporate to its features.

Team four: Extremely-processed meals and drink items. This group includes

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12 Best Small Towns in New Jersey

Over the past few years, travelers have sought out charming small towns in favor of larger, heavily populated cities. And although America is chock-full of these quaint destinations, some of the best can be found along the East Coast.

Many opt to visit small towns in New York and Massachusetts (and New England as a whole), but you’d be remiss not to consider New Jersey. What’s more, the Garden State is teeming with charming locales, many of which tend to fly under the radar. So, whether you’re searching for a serene summer beach retreat or a mother-daughter getaway filled with plenty of shopping, we’ve rounded up the best small towns in New Jersey.


PM Images/Getty Images

About 40 minutes from New York City lies the charming suburb of Montclair, a town best known for its eclectic boutiques, including Culture Couture, White Rabbit Black Heart, Giftbar, and Oasis. After indulging in some retail therapy, grab a bite at Halycon Brasserie (don’t miss the raw bar), Palazzo Pasta Company (come on Friday or Saturday evenings for live music), Koreander (fresh kimchi, anyone?), or Marcel Bakery and Kitchen (for breakfast, light bites, and coffee). Extend your trip with an overnight stay at The George, a chic, 31-room boutique hotel owned by acclaimed makeup artist and Montclair resident Bobbi Brown.

Red Bank

DenisTangneyJr/Getty Images

This quaint Monmouth County town is ideally situated along the Navesink River. Today, it’s chock-full of shops, including the nostalgia-inducing Yestercades (a retro-inspired arcade), Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (a comic book store owned by filmmaker and Red Bank resident Kevin Smith), and Jack’s Record Shoppe (an independent music store dating back to 1970). Meanwhile, craft beer enthusiasts can spend an afternoon at Red Tank Brewing Company. Cap off your trip with a picnic lunch at the two-acre Riverside Gardens Park, where prime people-watching and pristine water views await.

West Cape May

aimintang/Getty Images

With a population under 1,100 the small but scenic West Cape May is less than two miles from downtown Cape May. This sleepy destination dates back to 1884

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