These 5 Travel Agencies Earn The Most

For travelers, travel is all about finding the most-affordable companies that make the journey easier. However, only those companies keep their customers happy that reach the mark of making the most sales. Because such companies have bigger budgets to provide outstanding discounts and give excellent customer service. Reading the Collected.Reviews, you can find out that only the companies making the most sales gather great testimonials. Want to know who is making the most money in the travel business? Keep reading!


Expedia Group is one of the top travel companies in the US. Expedia Group has generated the most sales in the travel business in the past years. Their great mobile experience has enabled them to generate 40% sales from customers using their travel platform on smartphones; an excellent achievement for them! They have also become the official partner of Marriott hotel for providing discounts and deals all over the world. Customers love their special discounts and their outstanding packages for corporate tours.

Booking Holdings

Coming 2nd on the list of companies that generate the most sales in the travel business, Bookings is famous for providing a great range of different travel facilities to its customers. Various subsidiaries of Bookings also make a significant impact on the sales aspect. Booking has also been able to generate sales from people residing outside the US. Their unique content around the travel industry makes them rank against almost any internet query related to travel – enabling them to generate more sales.

American Express Global Business Travel

This company is a venture of the already famous “American Express” financial company. American Express GBT comes at the 3rd number in the list of companies generating the most sales in the travel business. They have achieved this mark by continuously making an effort to enhance the experience of their customers. Their “Preferred Extras program” has enabled more customers to gain huge discounts while traveling to their favorite destinations.

BCD Travel

BCD Travel is 4th on the list of companies making the most sales in the travel business. Their network in 109 countries has enabled … Read More...

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