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Again to earth earth. That is the primary theme this yr for the Martha’s Winery summer months house rental market, which is seeing a return to additional regular tendencies following three several years of by the roof need fueled by the world wide pandemic.

Pointing to the reopening of worldwide journey and other aspects, Island rental brokers verified they are viewing a much much less-frenzied speed for the 2023 period.

“During the pandemic, if there was a cancellation, anyone would place up an owner’s particular on the listing for a reduced price and within hrs, it was scooped up,” mentioned Joan Talmadge, co-operator of the website, which lists holiday vacation homes on the Vineyard, Nantucket and Cape Cod. “That’s just not occurring any longer,” she explained.

Anne Mayhew, owner of Sandpiper Rentals in Edgartown, echoed the sentiment.

“It was this kind of a frenzy in the course of the [pandemic],” she explained. “We are sensation like we’re coming again down to typical, but we are certainly continue to in for a significant summer.”

Point out numbers present the holiday vacation rental industry on the Island seems to be steadily increasing.

According to a condition registry that tracks certified small-time period rental properties in the course of the commonwealth, from March 2022 through May well 2023, there was a 44 for each cent raise in registered short-expression rentals on the Winery.

Although the marketplace is back to its pre-pandemic speed, there was a 44 for each cent boost in registered shorter-term rentals on the Winery in between 2022 and 2023.

Ray Ewing

There are now 3,675 registered rentals through the 6 towns, when compared with 2,552 in March 2022.

And even though the marketplace continues to be potent, it is not fully marketed out this 12 months, and more than 1 rental agent instructed a class correction is essential on pricing.

“We had a person individual who was coming for the last pair of years and he understood what he could get for his cash by heading overseas,” explained Michele Moore, an agent at Island Real Estate in Winery

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A stranger photobombed her vacation video. They’ve been together for almost a decade


Anna Faustino was careering down the sand dunes of Mui Ne, Vietnam, on a sand sled when she first saw Tom Rogers. Out of nowhere, she spotted him in the corner of her eye, rolling down the sand dune next to her, head first.

Anna turned to look at Tom, wide-eyed. She had a GoPro strapped to her – she’d been filming herself sand sledding – and now her camera captured Tom as he tumbled down, inelegantly, before crashing into the sand at the bottom.

“When I get to the bottom, I kind of stand up, dizzy, brush off the sand. And then I walk over to her and I’m like, ‘Hey, how you doing?’” Tom, who is from Wales in the UK, tells CNN Travel.

Anna was baffled but charmed. She laughed at the sand-covered Tom’s faux-casual demeanor and right away, she thought he seemed fun and “game for anything.”

While other travelers at Mui Ne were sitting back and watching, Tom wanted a turn on Anna’s sand sled. The two walked back up the dunes together and then Anna cheered on Tom as he headed back down, this time sledding rather than hurtling head first.

It was 2014. Anna was 26 and at the tail end of a year-long travel sabbatical. She’d spent years working as a teacher in her home country of the Philippines to fund her adventures.

“All I wanted to do was travel,” Anna tells CNN Travel. “I had given up my job and packed everything, and everything I owned was in a backpack. So when I met Tom, I was just in a place in my life where I was just having fun. I wasn’t looking for anything serious.”

As for Tom, he was a bit younger – “I was 22 back then, so I was a little silly,” is how he puts it. He’d just finished university in the UK. When he reached Vietnam, he was midway through his own year of traveling.

Tom had spotted Anna earlier that day at Mui Ne. Her enthusiasm for the sand sledding was infectious

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Best family-friendly vacation destinations of 2023, per experts

There’s two types of parents: those who like to travel with their kids and those who don’t.

We get it, sometimes you just need a break and in those cases, booking an adults-only all-inclusive vacation is definitely the way to go. On the other hand, if you’re looking for some family time away from home, there are plenty of options for you to include the entire clan.

While there are some obvious family-friendly vacation destinations like Disney World in Orlando, Florida and Atlantis in the Bahamas that will surely have a plethora of activities and accommodations for all ages — if you’re looking to avoid tourist traps and less crowds, you’ve come to the right place.

The New York Post spoke with two travel experts about the best vacation spots for families in 2023, that offer child-friendly benefits, without the animated characters walking around and colorful roller coasters.

“Opting for a well-known family vacation spot often provides a comforting guarantee of child-friendly amenities and experiences. It’s like walking into a familiar café in a foreign city; there’s comfort in knowing what to expect,” Susan Zurbin-Hothersall, Travel Advisor at Travel Edge Network told the New York Post. “However, with the right mix of curiosity and planning, the whole world can be your family-friendly oyster. Don’t box yourselves in — think beyond the obvious.”

In an effort to help you and your family become citizens of the world, we rounded up eight of the best “out of the box” destinations, according to the pros. From New York City (we couldn’t resist) to Costa Rica, there’s a vacation for all types of families on our list.

“[Family travel] is about building bridges between generations, creating shared memories, and growing together. Whether it’s the awe of seeing a centuries-old monument or the joy of jumping over ocean waves, these shared moments become threads in the fabric of your family’s history,” Zurbin-Hothersall said.

1. New York City, United States

Getty Images/iStockphoto

While we may be biased, Manhattan really

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Luxury Fredericksburg vacation spot to open summer 2023

The Texas Hill Country has so much to explore that visitors might need more than a day to experience the wineries, shops, and places to eat. A newly renovated property in Fredericksburg will soon offer a “one-of-a-kind” luxury experience.

The Menagerie, a Fredericksburg property that’s been converted into a “luxury vacation experience,” will open for bookings this summer, according to a news release. 

The Menagerie in Fredericksburg will be ready for bookings this summer.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Stacey Interior Design, photographed by Avery Nicole

The Menagerie is split into three locations over a 9,500-square-foot property. The main anchor location is a Queen Anne Victorian-style mansion, which was built in the early 1900s. There is also a carriage house and a five-unit converted barn/garage. Across the street, there are four units that are split into three 1930s cottage-style bungalows, according to the release. 

Altogether, the property features 12 units with a combined 14 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms. The Menagerie can house 34 guests, according to the release. The cost of the rental will be released as the grand opening date inches closer.

Guests are able to rent individual units or the entire property depending upon availability. Large groups are recommended to book in advance and speak to a member of The Menagerie team to ensure availability if they want to rent the entire property. The Menagerie can accommodate up to 34 guests.

Renderings of the exterior of The Menagerie.

Renderings of the exterior of The Menagerie.

Courtesy of Twistleaf

Renderings of the exterior of The Menagerie.

Renderings of the exterior of The Menagerie.

Courtesy of Twistleaf

Owners Nicole and Ramzi AlRashid wanted to keep the charm of Fredericksburg, but also bring something different to the town, according to the release. The duo hired Twistleaf, an Austin-based design firm, who are currently working on the property’s final phase of landscape design. 

“It’s an exciting opportunity to work on a historical property and build on the existing beauty of the space, while also leaning into the playfulness of the exterior colors and interior designs,” said Twistleaf founder and principal Sarah Yant in the release.

The Menagerie is located just a five-minute walk away from downtown

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This summer holiday, I system to enable my kid get bored. Here’s why

College summer season vacations are listed here, and mothers and fathers are signing up their children for summertime camps so they do not get bored. But is boredom this kind of a terrible point?

I am bored. 

As a mum or dad, this is possibly a person of the most dreaded sentences that a little one could declare, complete with a deadpan expression. The subtext to this statement is, ‘Entertain me’. And a lot more generally than not, the crutch to this dire problem, which has the likely of before long spiralling out of management, is a gadget. 

The only way out of this entice, mom and dad realise, is to maintain the children ‘meaningfully engaged’. In other terms, maintain them occupied with some supervised activity by way of the working day. So there are badminton or swimming coaching lessons to go to proper just after school, perhaps an artwork class, audio lesson, or a math coaching class soon immediately after, followed by research, by the finish of which it is supper and bedtime. 

No, W. H. Davis, there is ‘no time to stand and stare’, as you wrote in your poem. 

Now that the university summer months holidays are just about on us—almost two months lengthy in pieces of India—parents are gearing up for a slew of summer camps and pursuits to indication up their kids for. The daylight several hours have to be accounted for, like clockwork. 

But is boredom this sort of a terrible thing? Rather the contrary, say counsellors and a variety of exploration experiments.

“Boredom is not a bad term. Acquiring a moment to spare, to change off without owning nearly anything scheduled to do can actually assistance you have clarity of thought,” claims little one advancement psychologist, Dr Aarti Bakshi. “All the eureka times in the life of great artistes and scientists have occur when they were being in a peaceful manner.” 

Like Greek mathematician Archimedes who experienced his eureka second when in a bath tub, our minds get clarity when in a comfortable state. There are

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It is really a Lifestyle, Not a Family vacation

By Dr. James M. Dahle, WCI Founder

Katie and I have uncovered ourselves in an fascinating place in the previous couple many years. We adore our do the job (both equally with The White Coat Investor and clinically) and keep on to do both equally component-time. But we are also very well beyond money independence, and we want to knowledge that Fireplace (Monetarily Unbiased, Retire Early) way of life as significantly as probable. We stop up cramming our life so complete of every little thing due to the fact we thoroughly subscribe to the Hunter S. Thompson quotation:

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a effectively preserved system, but fairly to skid in broadside, thoroughly applied up, absolutely worn out, and loudly proclaiming, ‘Wow what a trip!’”

A phrase I use routinely with our personnel at WCI is “It’s a life style, not a family vacation.” Obviously, they all now use that phrase commonly to tease me correct again. But what do I actually imply by it? Two points genuinely.


Placing Up Your Daily life Deliberately

The initially point I necessarily mean by it is a glib response to any individual that incredulously exclaims to me, “You’re likely on trip yet again?! You just bought back again from a vacation.” I only reply,

“It’s not a trip, it can be a lifestyle I established up my lifestyle this way on purpose.”

Getting deliberate in our life is a core tenet of the monetarily dependable and, in particular, the Fireplace community. We intentionally expend our income on what we care about most and use the rest to make investments to fund other things we treatment about—like early retirement, the economical protection of our young children, and our most loved charities. As well several men and women dwell their life by accident, only slipping into habits and routines because that’s what they have often done or due to the fact a thing occurred to them. Too number of of us actually attract a photo of our best lives and get the job done

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