Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They’ve Discovered In Guests’ Rooms

Hotels are notorious for bringing out the worst in some people. With so many guests checking in and out of the place, there’s no telling what could be happening behind all these closed doors. Many people slip into the vacation mood and want to take home a tangible memory of their stay by snatching up the little toiletries, toothbrushes, and slippers. But when it comes to the hotel staff, they remember guests not by what they’ve taken but rather from the nastiest things they’ve left behind.

Anyone who’s ever worked in the hospitality and service industries has been witness to at least one of such stomach-churning events. So three users, deveronii, MichaelJCaboose_, and LucasSkudy, reached out to the hotel workers of Reddit and invited them to reveal the strangest and craziest things they found left behind in someone’s room. And boy, they didn’t hold anything back.

We at Bored Panda have scoured the thread and gathered some of the most surprising responses to share with you all. So next time you check into a spotless room, spare a thought for the staff who find the unbelievable when they clean up. Continue scrolling and upvote your favorite responses. And if you have any similar experiences, be sure to share them with us in the comments below!

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Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms A syringe under a mattress, AFTER I felt a prick on the end of my finger. I was tucking in a sheet under the bed, and there were actually two uncovered “insulin” needles under there.

I got rushed to hospital; hepatitis shots and a tetanus shot, two different hiv prevention medication for a month, monthly blood tests for about a year.

I’m fine, and it barely stuck me in truth, but I was already afraid of needles and disease I still feel traumatized. I was not going to post at all, but I’ve always wondered if there was anything else I should have done. The doctors assured me that they were more precautious than necessary.

dan_fortesque , Markus Spiske Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms One of my favorite hotel stories (not a room, but the pool):

It’s late evening, and a woman comes angrily in to our lobby from the pool with three children and says, “You guys need to do something about what’s going on out there,” and gestures to the pool area. I look at her inquisitively and she just says, “Go look, you’ll see.”

I walk outside and it’s pretty immediately clear the couple in the hot tub are “discreetly” having sex.

I approach just enough to get their attention and say, “Hi guys, I know everyone’s here to have a good time tonight, but we got a complaint about some hot and heavy activity in the hot tub.” They’re clearly intoxicated, but apologize and say it will stop.

A few minutes later, the phone rings. It’s the woman who complained before calling from her room which faces the pool. “They’re still at it. You need to do something. Children are staying in this hotel.”

I go back outside and sure enough, now that the spectators are gone, they’re f*****g it out in the hot tub.

I go back out, tell them to get out. They start giving me the story: it’s their anniversary, they’re very sorry, we won’t have any more problems with them, etc etc. I foolishly let them stay in the hot tub.

10 minutes later: phone rings. “Seriously!!?” Same lady. I look out the window, they’re both totally naked. “I’m sorry, ma’am, I’ve warned them, I’m calling the police.

Police arrive and head out to the pool. The officer handles it like a pro. He’s very nice, let’s them know that it’s inappropriate, but he doesn’t want to ruin what’s clearly a fun weekend for them both, but they need to go to their room and not come out for the rest of the night. They are to stay in their room until tomorrow morning. No excuses. The couple thanks him for his understanding and promises they’ll behave and stay in their room.

The officer and I wind up chatting and laughing about it all and he asks if he can grab a cup of coffee in our lobby while he fills out his report. Of course he can.

He’s sitting in the Lobby, I’m back to work, and I hear him say, “Oh, you’ve got to be f*****g kidding me!!” I’m shocked at the broken quietness as I see him jump up and exit the Lobby…

Right to the hot tub, where the same couple is back in the hot tub making out. (I can only assume they took the stairs at the end of the hall out to the parking lot and around to the pool.)

Arrested them both. They came back Monday afternoon (they were arrested on Friday night) to collect their property.

-Ahab- , Olga Budko Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms A bachelorette party came through and after they left the next night we had a new rule that charges a $400 glitter fee. But I mean you couldn’t see the floor so much glitter. It’s been a few years and you can probably still find glitter in the carpet throughout the hotel.

jordan_mcafee , Pierre Bamin Report

I worked security for a while at a really large hotel. Two stand out in my mind. The first, a guest that went out by ambulance because of some “allergic reaction” (what the guest claimed at least). The room was full of black and bloody diarrhea. The smell was horrible, I have never smelled s**t like that and hope to never again *gag*. The second wasn’t something left but a assistance call. Elderly man was unresponsive when we got there. We used a defibrillator on him till the ambulance arrived and he actually survived. He came back to the hotel some months later to thank us, it was great. Most of those calls didn’t end well so having one who survived and came back to say hey was nice.

-Velvet-Elvis- Report

Friend used to be a general manager. There was a guest who had stayed there for a few days but kept the do not disturb sign up not letting anyone in, well after 3 days they had to go in to clean the room and do a welfare check and they found this chick tied up to the bed with a camera on her. Some guy had kept her tied up for 3 days straight and was live streaming it somewhere.

chinote Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Worked at an upscale ski resort. One family let their toilet-training kid pee behind the toilet and under the sink throughout their whole visit, then put our white towels on top of it to “help clean up the mess.” Whole place smelled like a freakin rhino enclosure. Ruined the towels.

zorpthedestroyer , Mark Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Someone pooped in the nightstand. It had been there long enough to dry out, so it took nearly an hour to scrub it clean.

Another room had bloody menstrual pads stuck all over the walls at random.

Abaiyachi , Megan Bucknall Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Not me but my dad. He was the director of housekeeping for a worldwide hotel chain. His housekeepers didn’t know what to do with a girthy 12-inch dildo suction cupped on the writing table. It was “still *very* moist” he said. Then he looked up who stayed in the room to see if maybe they wanted it back but it was 2 tiny, frail little old ladies (canes & all) and he said it was too embarrassing to contact them so he waited a bit to see if they’d call asking for it but they never did. He ended up throwing it out.

midgetT-rex , Pixabay Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms I was roadtripping alone, and decided to support the local economy of this small town I was stopping in and stay in a small family-owned motel instead of a chain.

It was obviously infested with bedbugs. Obvious… the next morning, that is. (I arrived late at night and went straight to bed.)

The worst thing was that I was moving myself out to college and had all my worldly possessions in the car with me. ALL of my clothing, ALL of my bedding, the few pieces of furniture I was bringing…

Fortunately, isolating everything that had been in that room in trashbags, and buying bedbug spray immediately prevented it from infesting everything I owned. But all the time I spent anticipating the worst got me hugely stressed out.

Ink-Flamingo , Jp Valery Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Two worst experiences I had to witness were:

A couple came to the desk early in the AM, they clearly had been in an all out fist fight. They were a cash paying customer and all they said was, “sorry, we got in a fight, there is blood in the room, we are HIV positive.” Then they took off. Room was an absolute horror show, had to hire special cleaners to come gut the room and ended up replacing basically everything in the room. Room was OOC for almost a year.

Same hotel, we had some wards of the state types staying. Worst were a couple with a newborn. They couldn’t afford basically anything, so made the decision to use our towels as diapers. The state wouldn’t let us kick them out and they were just taking the towels off the carts. Ended up having to evict them from the hotel as they had been there long enough to establish residency…

Bahamut_Dragonlord , Mikhail Nilov Report

I used to work at a hotel as a housekeeper. The rule was when you finished all of your rooms you had to go help the other housekeepers (cause they like to go slow to get more hours and we just can’t allow that). Anyways. So I wander up to the second floor down at the far end (Room 226, a double queen). The room hadn’t been stripped yet (the bedding and trash is still in there) and I thought that was odd because normally we have all of the rooms stripped by noon and it was 3pm.
Well. I open the door and this overwhelming stench of s**t just slams into my face- not even like normal s**t smell either- like someone had been devouring hot sauce covered shrimp at an all you can eat buffet for three days. I pull my shirt collar up over my nose. It can’t be that bad, they probably just didn’t flush, right?
I press on into the bathroom, eyes beginning to water, my throat having dry involuntary seizures. I force my poor eyes open. NOTHING. The f*****g bathroom is spotless. Oh god! Where is it?! The panic sets in. I must go further into the darkness. I must cross the hotel room and open the window.
As light illuminates the room, I can finally see what the s**t demon has done. Do you remember the scene from Dogma, where the s**t demon comes out of the toilet? I think he left there and checked right on in to my hotel. C**p was smeared all over the white duvets and sheets on both beds- this dude had literally s**t himself smeared it in the bed, switched beds, and s**t in that one too! He left a trail of sickly brown matter across the carpet, decorated with tiny surprise s**t nuggets just for me.
I noped. I told front desk that I absolutely refused to clean that room and of they wanted to write me up/fire me I would be fine with that.

tvvat_waffle Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms A bear.

First, you gotta understand that a lot needs to happen for this to occur.

Our lowest floor, was still about a meter and a half from the ground, and each outside room had a balcony rail.

However, a guest had decided to want to unload his motorcycle from his truck and leave the ramp down, so (I’m assuming) he could ride the bike up when he was done.

The guest that was staying in the room had room service, decided to leave the food uncovered and the balcony doors open, and later went to the hotel pool/spa to relax.

Upon returning, they had gone to us at reception and said that there was a bear in the room.

Puzzled, we quietly approached the room and slowly opened the door. Lo and behold, there was a bear eating room service and making a mess of my afternoon.

We called Parks Canada to deal with it.

Guest was not charged a cleaning fee.

TLDR: a bear used a car as a ramp to get into a room at the property.

little_asian_man_89 , Janko Ferlic Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms My ex-wife projectile vomited all over a room at the La Quinta in Somerville after way too many SoCo’s at the Rattlesnake. I cannot drive 93 Northbound out of Boston without some degree of shame. Sorry, La Quinta workers. I did the best I could, but there was only so much that could be done. Also, this is one of the many reasons she is now my ex-wife.

anon , Moussa Idrissi Report

Cleaned dorm rooms after my classmates moved out for the summer.

Not very fun : A desk drawer stuffed with used tampons.

Even less fun : The nest of wasps that were feeding on them.

Pretty f*****g terrible : Knowing exactly whose tampons I was cleaning up and tampon-fed wasps I was being stung by.

The worst part : After some reflection, realizing that she was ashamed of being a normal, healthy girl. That really bummed me out.

ryneches Report

Empty boxes of fried chicken and the bones laying all over the floor between beds, white powder on the dresser and a lamp thrown through the glass door dividing two rooms of a suite once.

Dirty diapers and birthday cake smashed into the walls. People get really s**tty when you have to kick them out for trying to have a party.

I think the only one that tops that was a guest’s corpse (full disclosure – I wasn’t the one who found that). The guy downed a fifth of wild turkey and a bottle of pills. Never found out why. For those with dark humor though, we Googled him afterwards and found out he owned a funeral home. My manager asked me why he would bother to do it in the hotel considering that (I was the one who found out about that) and my first response was ” you NEVER mix your business with pleasure”.

skekVex Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Woman with mysophobia (fear of germs) stayed with us.

She never let the cleaning ladies into the room as she preferred to clean it herself. One day she leaves to go out and removes the do disturb sign.

Maid calls down and says the room has a strong chemical odor and found bags of pee and poop in the drawers.

MentalBrutality , Dave Photoz Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Old couple checked out and left a huge box of sex toys. Not that bad right?

We keep items for 90 days, hotel gets first dibs after that (say it’s an iPad that would be good for something) then whoever found it gets second dibs, then GM, then it’s whoever wants it.

Head house keeper kept them locked in her desk bc she wanted first dibs and was scared someone else would take them.

brandyq , Brandable Box Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms It was a hallway. I worked the front desk. A little league baseball team was staying the night and a guest complained to my manager about bats flying around.

My manager assumed the baseball team was just being roudy and headed up to tell them to calm down.

Turns out it wasn’t baseball bats… Just a normal ol’ flying bat hanging out in the hallway.

anon , Pavan Krishna Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Worst to clean up, not because it was gross, but because it was annoying and time consuming, was popcorn. A baseball team stayed in a couple rooms and I guess they had those like caramel popcorn balls? That they had just thrown all over the room. At the walls, furniture. It stuck to the carpet and was almost impossible to vacuum.

slpofrsn , Mikhail Nilov Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms It was a family retreat/kids birthday party. The adults were getting sh**faced while the kids were in the presidential suite raising hell. They had decided to have a fully stocked ice cream bar and allowed the kids to do what they wanted with it. M&Ms crushed into the carpet, chocolate footprints on the walls, whipped cream f*****g everywhere. Fruit punch spilled on the bed. In total we had to charge them about $7k in damages, which they took to court, because they thought “The Cleanup would be included, that’s why we did it at a hotel!”

They also smashed glass all over our dog hiking trail, which I had to clean up.

TheWastelandWizard , Caio Report

We got a call from an anonymous person asking for us to do a wellness check on a guest. I get a call from security a few minutes later, and the guy on the other end of the radio sounded pretty shook up.

“M-MOD… We need you up here ASAP”

I get upstairs and the two security guards look pale. They refused to go into the room, only saying that they knew i would know how to handle the situation (I’m a combat vet and ex police officer)

I get into the room and everything is tidy. Bags packed, beds made, etc. At that moment I see the balcony door open and what appears to be someone laying out on the balcony wearing all their clothes. Drunk? Passed out? No….

As i got to the balcony, i could now see the persons lap, and a revolver in their hand on said lap. I stop for a moment, and realize he’s not moving, so i step out onto the balcony, and the gravity of the situation becomes clear…

Guy blew his head off. One shot to the roof of his mouth. I’ll spare you the details, but i didn’t have to check much to call it.

At least this was the middle of the night, one shot, no other guests were awakened, and i was able to get PD, Coroners and detectives in, and all of them including the body out through the back with no one else knowing anything happened.

I went back downstairs and finished my pizza.

anon Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Not a worker but once my family checked into our hotel and go to our room and open it up only to find a very mortified naked man sitting on the couch watching tv. Made eye contact and just backed out of there. He has the same exact name as me so that’s where the mess up came about.

JpizzelMyNizzle98 , Burak The Weekender Report

A dead body. Guy came in for the weekend, hired a [call girl], and OD’d.

The worst part was probably when his sister came to get all his belongings. When we pulled his car out of valet, we noticed 2 baby seats in the back :(.

RenDabs Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms I worked at a hotel a few years ago, front desk. I checked out a nice couple in the morning, they were very friendly, said they enjoyed their stay. Then housekeeping got to their room, the poor woman looked shell-shocked. I got to go through the room with a camera and my supervisor to document the state of the room. 2 large, black, double headed dildoes, lots of ziploc baggies with powdery residue, syringes (some used, some still with caps on them, including 2 in the toilet), and more travel sized bottles of baby oil than I could count. We also found what appeared to be feces and blood smeared all over the bedding and walls and a small digital camera. Police were called, descriptions of them taken, and all their information they had used to check in. I quit soon after, so I don’t know if they ever found them or pressed charges.

brianpage101 , Pixabay Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms 25 years ago I worked at a snooty part of a snooty ski resort in Park City, Utah. Most of the regular guests were just typical old rich white dudes, but during Sundance season though, the celebrities come out.

There is a certain musician, entertaining us for decades now, who has a disgusting hobby. Or did in the early 90s at least.

Next time you’re cuttin Footloose, or gettin close to the Danger Zone, just know that Kenny Loggins gives his entire family coffee-ground enemas, which leaves a giant mess, and leaves it for the hotel staff to clean up. Twice in one stay.

REO_Jerkwagon , Nathan Dumlao Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms Pizza. And not just like leftovers. An entire pizza. And not a single slice of it in the box.

The first red flag we found was the slice of pizza smeared all over on the TV. Then we saw two slices side by side like they had worn them for slippers and dragged their feet across the floor. One slice in the dresser, one in the nightstand, one in the sheets, and one in the bathroom sink.

We cleaned the room as normal and put all the pizza in the box. The whole time I’m wondering why someone would do this, was the pizza not good? Was one slice enough and you had to buy the whole thing? I’m doing the final checks in the room and it still smells like pizza. I flick the lamp on and look for the final slice. I finally find it, shadowed in the lamp shade. This individual had smeared the last slice on the inside of the lamp shade.

That was the final piece of the puzzle (or pizzazule).

This person bought an entire pizza just to hide it in his hotel room.

aNathan113 , cottonbro Report

Hotel Workers Are Revealing 30 Disgusting, Bizarre And Shocking Things They've Discovered In Guests' Rooms A dead body… someone [taken their own life] in the hotel room by hanging themselves in the closet. Was in there a few days before we found him….

user2327 , Tony Yakovlenko Report

There was an older woman who checked in my second week of being there, she definitely should not have been independent. She lived in town and booked a room for a week. She said that she was getting her house renovated because it was infested with “fibreglass”. She was probably in her 70’s or was just not upkeeping herself for a person in her 60’s. She would walk around with one of those surgical masks and wearing yellow rubber gloves. As the week went on she started to wear bandages on her arms (we thinks she was scratching herself, i bet if we asked it would have been because of the fibreglass).

She shouldnt have been able to drive but she kept going to and from her house to get more things, basically was moving in. Our hotel was on a main road and she would just back up into it without looking, it was a miracle she never got into an accident.

But other than that she would spend most of her time in the room, and occasionally would walk to the office (where the manager would sit, this would be me or one of my other coworkers) and just spout crazy stories about fibreglass and how it was everywhere and all over her room. Once the week was up she extended her stay another 5 days because (her house wasnt ready yet).

She repeatedly declined maid service so we could never really get a glance of the condition of the room, yet she would keep complaining that her airconditioning had “fibreglass all over it”, and one of the days she came to the door complaining that the room was infested with spiders and she showed a tissue that she said had “spiders in it” but there was nothing. Like real sad stuff.

Unfortunately since we didnt really have any real way of helping her, my boss advised me to tell her that we are booked solid for the rest of the summer/etc so she couldnt extend her stay any longer, so we waited out those last few days dealing with her complaining and occasionally catching glances at the room as the maids brought her towels and such.

From what we saw there were pillows everywhere, a big bag of like perfumes, pills, etc sprawled out on the dressor (like sooo many random things), etc. She was seen a few times carrying large garbage bags into the room we werent sure what was in them. Just imagine a room that a mentally ill person had been staying in.

She also had a few weird interactions with guests that made them complain, so we really could not wait until she was gone.

But this is the freakiest part where we get to the answer to what we found after a guest’s stay:

IT WAS SPOTLESS. On her last night (we think she climbed out the window (first floor) and put stuff in her car and left (stealing the key too but thats common enough we just replace them). We went back and looked on camera and she was not on camera at all, the night manager did not see her leave (if you leave the regular way you have to be seen by the manager, the office is in the front and its a small hotel). Only way she coulda done it was through the window.

Every worker at the hotel was so curious to see what the room was like after she was gone, it was insane, clean, nothing broken except the airconditioner air filter (she said it had fibreglass all in it), but other than that not much else. We still had a third party clean the room but it was freakin weird man.

My boss said she drove by the address and it was a beautiful house must be a couple mil minimum, and there was like a metal trailer in the driveway (we think she started living in that after the hotel). Sad, and just so, so bizzare. I really hope she got some help or something. There really wasnt much we/i specifically could do, so we had to just move on.

Tldr: Mentally ill woman stayed because her house had “fibreglass all over”, she was increasingly weird and started to freak out other guests as time went on and then left like a ninja, room pretty much good as new. Real sad situation tho :/

homiej420 Report

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