How to make soul meals with a healthy twist

These times, traditional soul meals is even now produced with heaps of fatty ingredients, sugar, and salt, explained Sydnor. So encouraged by the creativity and delectable recipes passed down by his grandmother, he employed a vintage soul foodstuff component, sweet potatoes, in exciting and healthful means.

“What I’m likely to do is to acquire people objects that I would simply call the ‘Cinderellas of the ball.’ We’re going to dress that sweet potato up and make it fabulous,” said Sydnor. “If you have an open up intellect, you can have some fabulous food stuff without having the salt, with no the fats, devoid of the sugar.”

Sweet potato greens and a sweet potato dressed with salsa and raspberries, by Chef Yuhnis Sydnor of West Philadelphia (Photo courtesy of the Culinary Literacy Center).
Sweet potato greens and a sweet potato dressed with salsa and raspberries, by Chef Yuhnis Sydnor of West Philadelphia. (Image courtesy of the Culinary Literacy Heart)

He also employed sweet potato greens, the leaves, and stems of sweet potato crops, observed at Make Junction.

He sauteed the greens two methods: a single making use of garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, and dry sherry the other, encouraged by Chinese substances these types of as canola oil, ginger, garlic, salt, and shaoxing wine.

Very simple, easy, and delicious, in accordance to some of Sydnor’s stay viewers taste-testers, Johnetta Frazier and Neva White, of the Frazier Household Coalition.

Sydnor also baked a tray full of sweet potatoes coated in olive oil for his “sweet potato bar” of thrilling healthier components.

On exhibit: Greek yogurt whipped with rose drinking water, dates, an apricot salsa designed with preserved lemon, harissa, pomegranate juice, and pistachios, roasted beets, a pineapple salsa, peanut butter thinned with water and eco-friendly onions, assorted nuts, toasted pecans, dried cranberries and figs, sorghum, spicy maple syrup, turkey bacon, and much more.

“Let your imaginations operate wild,” mentioned Sydnor. “Live a tiny! You have 365 times in a calendar year. Why try to eat the exact thing more than and in excess of all over again?”

Sydnor reported he chose to use the sweet potato, as a substitute of its sister veggie, the yam, due to the fact it has a lessen glycemic index: “When people who are diabetics, when they eat it, the sugar breaks down slower.” The sweet potato greens, which can be eaten uncooked, taste like spinach but are billed with even much more vitamin C and are also significant in fiber.

However he was influenced by his relatives, Sydnor stated he is also touched by his encounters traveling and ingesting all around the entire world as a lodge cafe supervisor.

“Soul food stuff is in every lifestyle,” reported Sydnor. “Soul food items is the foodstuff that will make you sense greater. Soul food stuff is the foodstuff that nourishes you.”

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