I Was Hypnotized by a Four Seasons ‘Resident Healer’ for $285

  • The Four Seasons Lodge spa in New York offers consultations with “certified religious healers.”
  • From chakra therapeutic to astrology, the exclusive choices tap into a $639 billion wellness tourism industry. 
  • I might select the spa’s hour-prolonged hypnosis session around paying out the similar total of income on a massage.

Luxurious resorts now offer a selection of wellness treatment options that go far beyond your normal facial or massage, but the 4 Seasons “resident healer” plan takes the pattern to the up coming level. 

The hotel’s spa in downtown Manhattan offers appointments catered to an individual’s “religious recognition and personal enlightenment,” ranging from a $380 astrology reading to a $485 crystal therapeutic session. 

Around the training course of an hour, I was hypnotized by just one of the hotel’s resident healers with a blend of visualization, manifestation, and mindfulness workout routines. The session put me into a semi-trance that still left me experience additional self-confident and relaxed. 

For $285, the session lived up to its marketed promise of supplying “clarity and emotional release” — moreover entry to the spa’s features, like the sauna and steam room. In the future, I might opt for the one of a kind expertise over expending the identical quantity of cash on a common spa treatment like a massage or facial.

Nicole Hernandez, also known as "the traveling hypnotist," is a resident healer at the Four Seasons Downtown New York.

Nicole Hernandez, also regarded as “the touring hypnotist,” is a resident healer at the Four Seasons Downtown New York.

Hannah Towey/Insider

Prior to my session with Nicole Hernandez, also identified as “the touring hypnotist,” the only practical experience I would experienced with hypnotism was a disappointing stage functionality in higher university. I did not drop into the trance that produced my peers dance awkwardly and drop asleep, so I was escorted off the phase. 

I could notify this would be a wholly distinctive kind of hypnotism. Nicole felt extra like a experienced psychologist than a wacky stage guru, even with references to past lives and a fair total of mindfulness buzz terms.

She discussed that most people has distinctive levels of susceptibility to hypnosis: movies, reading through guides, daydreaming — these are all various ways we hypnotize our brains without the need of acknowledging it. Folks who do not regularly find out those people escapes may be more durable to mentor into a trance, she mentioned. 

Prior to the session, I filled out a detailed survey (left) about my intentions and goals for the session.

Prior to the session, I loaded out a thorough survey about my intentions and targets.

Nicole Hernandez / The Traveling Hypnotist

After Nicole stated what to anticipate, we had a 20-moment dialogue about any problems I might like to tackle. Officially a yr out of faculty, I preferred to focus on taking the future step in my occupation and improving my relationships as I changeover into comprehensive-on adulthood. We discussed my benefit procedure and the matters that are most essential to me. This component felt like therapy but with additional distinct motion things.

From there, Nicole commenced our to start with visualization exercise, which I can only describe as trippy. She guided me by “growing my peripheral eyesight” as significantly as possible though concentrating on a one place on the wall, which felt like my eyes were a digicam zooming out. Afterward, I felt unusually peaceful, a sensation Nicole credited to our brains only getting in a position to manage so significantly visual stimulus. When you intentionally overload it, every thing else shuts down. 

With my inner eye formally open, Nicole proceeded to have me visualize myself on the other facet of the space “putting on” the troubles we mentioned, using the variety of a backpack filled with rocks. Then, I experienced to visualize having the backpack off and observing how I felt without having the pounds. 

Four Seasons hypnotism session

Four Seasons hypnotism session

Hannah Towey/Insider

As the projection of myself ran all around and danced, Nicole requested me what else she (I?) essential. I hadn’t eaten lunch but, so I opted to feed imaginary-me steak and french fries, an respond to that Nicole did her best to consider significantly though we each laughed. 

Just after feeding my projection, Nicole instructed me to open up the backpack and see if there ended up nonetheless rocks inside of, to which I responded, “properly, I’m making this up (duh) … but now it is just filled with paper.” Imaginary-me then set the bag again on and identified the excess weight significantly lighter than when we commenced. 

Subsequent, I was instructed to have her stroll closer to me till our “energy merged.” At this position, I was certainly in some sort of a trance and experienced an psychological release. The work out remaining me sensation lighter and happier afterward (and craving steak and french fries). 

The locker room at the Four Seasons Hotel spa in downtown New York.

The locker home at the 4 Seasons Lodge spa in downtown New York.

Hannah Towey/Insider

Just one of the crazier items was that the full work out only seemed to previous 10 minutes, when it was actually closer to 30. Nicole reported this is tremendous common, and that 4-hour hypnosis sessions can go by in a moment. 

3 times later on, I’ve uncovered myself returning to the backpack-crammed-with-rocks impression when I’ve felt overcome or stressed, contemplating to myself: “It really is not rocks! It is just paper!” And it’s possible which is just pretending life’s issues aren’t there alternatively of repairing them, but hey, we are going to see how it goes. 

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