These four scrumptious meals are nonetheless banned on the ISS

Have you read the joke about the astronaut who obtained meals poisoning? Almost certainly not, and for very good explanation. It is simply because these an party has actually by no means occurred. To date, no astronaut has ever gotten a food stuff-borne sickness in place.

“At NASA, we truly have a higher microbiological conventional when compared to most corporations in the normal food items sector,” claims Xulei Wu, a NASA foods scientist and meals procedure supervisor for the Global Room Station. In other text, NASA is a stickler about food items security and storage when it arrives to place vacation. 

To lessen the threat of opportunity sickness, all food products despatched to the ISS ought to undertake demanding tests. If a food fails the take a look at, individuals items are straight away thrown out of the jogging to turn out to be freeze-dried astronaut chow. In contrast, a successful dish has to be each risk-free to take in, and ready to provide a great deal of nutrition in just one serving. 

What is within an astronaut’s pantry?  

Nevertheless an astronaut’s diet regime, when definitely rigorous, isn’t necessarily a bland just one. 

On any given day, the Global Space Station’s pantry-fashion dining set up has about 200 dishes an astronaut can pick to take in. This freeze-dried buffet accounts for about 70-75 percent of all the crew’s foods. The relaxation largely will come from crew-specific menu food—each astronaut is ready to make a kind of culinary wishlist, and ask for certain meals or drinks they want for the length of their mission. 

Even so, numerous of these supporter favorites could not stop up creating it to the station in time for an astronaut’s stay, and in some cases, at all. From generation all the way to transport, it will take very a extensive time for food to get authorised and then loaded on to a rocket. Even then, when meals will make it into orbit, it could get many years just before it’s eaten by a peckish astronaut who has a craving for their favourite snack. 


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