What’s it like to continue to be in the Watergate Hotel’s ‘Scandal Place?’

In the Watergate Hotel’s “Scandal Area,” guests are dealt with to all the things from fluffy robes to Nixon memorabilia. (Images: Jamie Davis Smith)

The best scandal in American political heritage has its roots in place 214 of The Watergate Resort in Washington, D.C. The famed space even now exists and can be booked for right away stays for an ordinary nightly level of about $1,600.

That is correct: You, too, can rest in the place where, in 1972, E. Howard Hunt and G. Gordon Liddy stationed them selves although orchestrating the crack-in at the Democratic Countrywide Committee’s (DNC) headquarters. The fallout from the break-in led to President Richard Nixon resigning in disgrace. To day, Nixon remains the only U.S. president to at any time resign from workplace.

The DNC’s workplace was in a different portion of the Watergate complicated (a group of 6 properties in the Foggy Base community of Washington, D.C.) than the lodge, but Hunt and Liddy decide on space 214 as their base mainly because it had obtain to a walkway connecting the two parts, experienced a crystal clear view of the DNC’s place of work and was near enough to the business that they could stay in contact with the burglars on the ground by using radio.

Inside the room, a reel-to-reel recorder gives nod to the secret recordings Richard Nixon made from the Oval Office. (Photo: Jamie Davis Smith)

Within the place, a reel-to-reel recorder presents nod to the mystery recordings Richard Nixon made from the Oval Business office. (Image: Jamie Davis Smith)

Hunt, Liddy and their co-conspirators were being eventually caught. In the above 50 many years considering that the Watergate scandal, the incident has come to be entrenched in pop culture. The scandal has spawned videos starring Robert Redford and Kirsten Dunst. Any political incident with even the trace of scandal now has “gate” tacked onto the end. Watergate’s arrive at has even jumped across the Atlantic: Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken down by “Partygate” for keeping gatherings for the duration of COVID-19 lockdowns.

I am a political junkie, so when I located out the Watergate experienced restored space 214 to its ’70s glory and additional Nixon memorabilia, I had to reserve

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Leisure Travel Returns Nov. 1; Safe Travels Expected to Continue Through Holidays

October 15 marked one year since Hawaiʻi’s Safe Travels program was established. The program is described as a multilayered process designed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

This enhanced entry into Hawai‘i includes: a Mandatory State of Hawai‘i Travel and Health Form; a Safe Travels Hawai‘i account; and a mandatory 10-day quarantine with the option of a vaccination exception program or a negative pre-travel test to bypass quarantine.

Back in August, Governor David Ige urged residents and visitors to refrain from non-essential travel through the end of October. With Nov. 1 on the horizon, leisure travel is set to resume, but the state’s Safe Travels program remains in place.

Last week, Gov. Ige announced he was giving the green light to non-essential travel for fully vaccinated residents and visitors traveling domestically and between islands for business or pleasure, starting Nov. 1. “I think we are all encouraged by what we’ve seen over the last several weeks with the continuing trend of lower case counts,” said Gov. Ige in a press release.

“We look forward to our economic recovery and the return of visitors is one more step in our progress towards a new normal,” said County of Maui Managing Director, Sandy Baz.


County of Maui Managing Director, Sandy Baz said he expects the Safe Travels program to be in place “for quite a while.” In a Tuesday press briefing Baz said, “Lieutenant Governor [Josh] Green has said that despite the statewide vaccination rate of 73%, the program will be extended at least through the end of the holiday season.”


Baz spoke on behalf of Mayor Michael Victorino, who is out of town on county business, saying, “Mayor Victorino thanks the hospitality industry for their support of the safety protocols and these revised rules. The hospitality industry [goes] far beyond resort and hotels, and includes many family owned activity companies, restaurants, and many other businesses that are impacted, and are supportive of visitors.”

“They have worked diligently to protect their staff as well as their guests with a challenging

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