30 People Share What Country Has The Worst Cuisine In Their Opinion

Getting acquainted with traditional foods from around the world can be an exciting experience. Or something absolutely terrifying, depending on your taste buds and, of course, the meal itself. Some cuisines, such as Italian, Mediterranean, or Japanese are praised by people from all over. Others, as you’re about to see, are way less appreciated.

A curious redditor, u/KPH102, recently addressed the ‘Ask Reddit‘ community in hopes to find out which country has the overall worst food. The answers provided not only locations, but some amusing commentary as well, which we put on this list for you to giggle at. Sadly, for some countries, they appeared there quite a few times.

The Vatican has the worst cuisine. The bread is so flat that you have to wash it down with mediocre wine. And they have outlets for the stuff all over the world.

Joelsax47 , Thays Orrico Report

30 People Share What Country Has The Worst Cuisine In Their Opinion Unfortunately: Iceland.

I can handle bland or bad food…but when I’m paying 5x normal prices for that same bland food…it just pisses me off.

Iceland was one of my favourite places I’ve ever seen. But the food situation there is brutal.

franknorth2010 added:

Iceland. Ever had fermented shark? Horrible.

Entity0027 added:

If I Recall Correctly, Iceland was the one place Anthony Bourdain couldn’t wait to leave. When a guy who made a living eating his way around the world, comes to your nation and concludes even the alcohol is disgusting, there be a lot of problems.

Iceland: Pack A Lunch

Benglassco , Steven dosRemedios Report

30 People Share What Country Has The Worst Cuisine In Their Opinion There must be a reason why I’ve never seen a Finnish restaurant outside of Finland.

roygbiv-it replied:

I went out to lunch in Finland. It was a buffet. I s**t you not, everything on the buffet was a form of potato.

mcdofras , BlackWhaleMedia Report

30 People Share What Country Has The Worst Cuisine In Their Opinion Russia. It’s not even a question.

Yzzy1 added:

Never been to Russia, but had dinner at a Russian family’s apartment in Israel. They served chicken feet in a jello mold. What the f**k?

Francesca_N_Furter added::

I’ve never been to Mongolia or Iceland (the clear winners in this thread), but Russian

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46 Chefs Around The Country Make Food Predictions For 2023

While we might not know what New Year’s resolution our favorite chefs are making, it is fun to know what they think will be trending in kitchens as we enter the new year. From popular ingredients to bringing more tableside presentations into the dining room, there’s a lot to look forward to when it comes to restaurant experiences in 2023.

Many chefs think Asian flavors will continue to find their way into other cuisines, while several feel that fermented food will be all the rage. As far as ingredients, mushrooms are poised to be in the spotlight not only as a protein source for non-meat eaters, but as a coffee replacement and all around star of the show. If you think you can handle the heat, you could be in luck, as plenty of chefs think things are going to get spicer in the coming year.

With over 300 chefs offering their thoughts for this year’s trends, we couldn’t include them all—but here’s a taste of what you might be able to expect.

Here are the predictions from 46 top chefs around the country based on what they think will be trending in kitchens in 2023:

“I believe Southeast Asian food will be the next popularized food trend and will finally see the recognition it deserves in 2023. The use of curry and spices will be a new staple in many homes, especially those who are looking to eat a more vegetarian lifestyle, which is another trend I see soaring next year. Due to meat prices going up and also the environmental impact that meat has had over the years, we’ll see more people finding ways to incorporate veggies in all three meal periods.” – Yulissa Acosta, Chef de Cuisine at Hearth ’61 at Mountain Shadows Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona

“Living in the Washington D.C. area I have watched the groundswell behind Filipino cuisine in the last few years, and it’s poised to break into the mainstream. The restaurant Bad Saint in D.C., which is unfortunately closed now, drew national attention to the cuisine

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