The 15 Best Food TV Shows and Documentaries on Netflix

Good food is a universal human comfort, and TV about good food is nearly as popular. As food culture and foodie-ism blossomed in the U.S., an influx of every possible type of food programming came with it. The streaming world proved to be an almost infinite avenue for this kind of programming, especially as it became more niche—could you really get multiple seasons of a show that is nothing more than profiles of different types of tacos onto broadcast TV? On Netflix, though, that type of show (it’s literally called Taco Chronicles) feels right at home. If anything, it feels like the reason why streaming services exist in the first place.

In recent years, Netflix has assembled quite a few of these types of colorful food programming, ditching reruns of old Food Network series and increasingly turning to original series and documentaries instead. They truly run the gamut, from chintzy, broadcast-style reality cooking competitions like Sugar Rush, to gorgeously shot documentaries like Chef’s Table or sobering docu-series like High on the Hog. Fair warning, though, as almost all of these shows are dangerous to watch while hungry.

Bonus: Netflix is reportedly bringing its Iron Chef revival, Iron Chef: Quest For an Iron Legend to the series in late 2022, in what will surely be a dramatic arrival. Now, without any further ado, here are the best food TV series on Netflix right now.

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I prayed long and hard and to no avail for my children to outgrow their obsession with Cupcake Wars, a show I found totally stultifying proof that competition food programming had reached its nadir. Repetitive, limited, middling, devoid of character. So imagine my surprise that a Netflix original knockoff has enough flair and fun in it to actually qualify as one of the better food program options the streaming service is offering right now. Sugar Rush is a baking competition, and it follows the general formula, pitting bakers against each other in a bid to impress a couple of expert judges and a special guest

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