Superabundant dispatch: A wild foods foray without the hike

OPB’s “Superabundant” explores the stories behind the foods of the Pacific Northwest with videos, articles and this weekly newsletter. To keep you sated between episodes, we’ve brought on food writer Heather Arndt Anderson, a Portland-based culinary historian and ecologist, to highlight different aspects of the region’s food ecosystem. This week she encourages you to learn a little about foraging for wild foods by introducing five ingredients every Northwesterner should know and offers a recipe for nettle pesto risotto.

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Japan has a long tradition of relishing sansai, or “mountain vegetables”; these seasonal foods like bamboo shoots and butterbur sprouts come from the woods, not the store. But the Pacific Northwest’s coasts, meadows, mountains and forests are also hiding a wealth of gastronomic delights, and even if you can’t make it out to gather your own, we have some ideas on ways to take your culinary experience for a walk on the wild side. Which common roadside weed and garden green can cause kidney stones if you eat too much? Read on to find out!

Small bites: Oregon just says no to single-use Styrofoam, a food cart melting pot and invasion of the oyster snatchers

Freshly picked morsels from the Pacific Northwest food universe:

Styrofoam take-out containers banned in Oregon

OPB’s Dirk VanderHart reports that a bill to ban plastic foam food containers, coolers and packing peanuts has cleared the Oregon Senate and is headed to the House. A previous attempt to ban polystyrene (aka Styrofoam) food containers in 2019 failed, but with different people in the Legislature, the new one has a better chance of passing. If you get take-out often enough to be affected by this, consider bringing your own reusable container, or subscribe to a service like Bold Reuse in Portland or Eco2Go at Oregon State University — just drop off your used container at the designated drop-off bin (it doesn’t even have to be fully washed).

New food cart pod is a win-win for diners

Since last summer, the restaurant

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