Big family? No problem! Get unlimited lounge guests with this credit card

It doesn’t matter how many friends, relatives or random strangers you talk to at the airport. If you have the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card, they could all join you on your next trip to the airport lounge.

And when we say “all,” we don’t mean “bring lots of guests and pay for them.” You can bring unlimited complimentary guests.

Here’s a closer look at the guest privileges on the Venture X card.

What is Priority Pass?

Priority Pass is a network of airline experiences and lounges available at airports worldwide. While its more than 1,300 lounges are likely the most well-known aspect of Priority Pass, other elements also exist. These include sleep pods, minute suites, spa visits and even restaurants at some airports.

A Priority Pass membership gets you into Fiji Airways’ flagship lounge at Nadi, Fiji. FIJI AIRWAYS

Many credit cards offer Priority Pass memberships. Whether that benefit is for a handful of visits each year with no complimentary guest privileges or unlimited visits with free guests will vary greatly. It depends on which credit card you use to gain a Priority Pass membership.

Venture X guest privileges at Priority Pass lounges

Typically, credit cards that provide Priority Pass memberships and include guest privileges will allow for up to two complimentary guests. After that, you may be permitted to bring additional guests for a fee. The specifics vary by credit card.

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However, the lounge access terms for the Venture X card state that the card provides “complimentary lounge access for all guests traveling with the Priority Pass member.” There is no maximum number of guests stated in these terms. A spokesperson for Capital One confirmed to TPG that there is no limit to the number of complimentary guests that a Venture X cardholder can bring into Priority Pass lounges, once they’ve activated their Priority Pass membership.

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Even more incredible is the ability to add up to four complimentary authorized users to your Venture X card. Each cardholder can activate their

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