Worker Suggests Manager Questioned Him to Come in When Newborn Son Was Gravely Sick

“What’s the most toxic issue a leader at your enterprise has ever mentioned to you?” consumer @coach2elevate prompts other creators, inspiring a selection of viral stitches, ranging from place of work horror stories to nightmarish work software experiences.

One particular tale from TikTok person Mike (@zulu079) was specifically horrifying. In a movie with around 806,000 sights, Mike recounts an practical experience in which his son was born throughout his getaway, only to fall gravely sick. All through this contact-and-go time, Mike states his manager questioned him to come in and fill out a efficiency evaluation—and marked it from him when he refused.

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In the video, Mike points out that he took time off when his son was about to be born, informing his boss and utilizing some of the “plenty of PTO” he had amassed from his time at the organization.

Shortly just after Mike’s son was born, nonetheless, the baby’s coronary heart stopped. Physicians rushed into motion, controlling to revive the boy or girl although warning Mike that the child’s upcoming was unsure.

The household transferred to a unique medical center, then a 3rd when the 2nd proved inadequate. At 12 several hours aged, the toddler was put into the Neonatal Intense Treatment Device (NICU). The next morning, Mike termed his boss, informing him that he would not know when he would be back again and that he didn’t know no matter whether his new child son was heading to are living or die.

“He’s like, ‘okay. Take as substantially time as you need to have,’” Mike recalls.

Having said that, something changed the next working day. Mike received a phone call from the pretty similar manager with a peculiar and grossly inappropriate introduction.

“…My boss phone calls on speakerphone and suggests, ‘How’s the trip heading, buddy?’” Mike remembers. “I said, ‘We really don’t know if my son’s likely to stay or die.’”

“‘That’s excellent, buddy! Hope you’re experiencing your getaway,’” the manager allegedly responded.

The manager then proceeded to question Mike to arrive again to

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FLDS Leader’s Son Said They Made Him Work Construction Unpaid As a Kid

  • A former FLDS cult member told Insider he was forced to work in construction as a child.
  • From the age of 14, he said he was operating heavy machinery at job sites around the country.
  • He said companies with ties to FLDS were contracted to work at the build sites of major hotel chains.

When Wendell Jeffson was 14 years old, he said his father — a now-imprisoned leader of a polygamous cult — accused him and other teenage boys of wanting to have sex with some of his more than 70 wives.

That was four years before Jeffson, now 21, left the Fundamentalist Church of Later-Day Saints — a radical group that splintered off of the mainstream Mormon church 93 years ago. The Mormon church abandoned the practice of polygamy over a century ago and is not affiliated with FLDS.

Jeffson explained that in the FLDS, which is widely considered a cult, there was no talk of the “birds and the bees.”

The adolescent didn’t understand what he was being accused of, nor was it true, but the punishment stood regardless, he said.

Jeffson said that he and other boys who came under the ire of his father and cult leader, Warren Jeffs, were “cast out” of the massive FLDS ranch in Texas — which Jeffson said his father continued to control from his cell — and made to work for construction companies owned by members of the cult. 

Construction has been a popular business venture for many FLDS families in the Hilldale region of Utah — a church enclave — and beyond. Members of the church own and operate many such companies.

Jeffson said working long days off-the-books, often unpaid, the children who were sent to work for these companies operated heavy machinery on construction sites, building hotels and housing communities around the country in the 2010s.

Multiple outlets have reported about accusations of the use of child labor by companies linked to FLDS. In 2021, FLDS was ordered by the Department of Labor to pay nearly $1 million for violating child labor laws,

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