The Food & Cuisine That Each Zodiac Sign Would Love

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Food is so much more than a means to survival. There’s a reason taste can be one of the most powerful of the five human senses, as it allows us to become one with the earth. When you feel a taste explosion in your mouth, it always leaves you wondering how the natural world could possibly create such a unique and unforgettable flavor. It’s enough to make you believe in magic. That’s why it’s unsurprising that each zodiac sign is associated with a food or cuisine, as the ingredients at our disposal each carry spiritual meanings of their own.

If you’ve been struggling to enjoy your meals and you’ve found yourself in a dietary slump, you may be surprised to find that astrology can point you in the right direction. Not only do your moon sign, Mercury sign and Venus sign directly correlate with your taste in food, but there’s also an astrological house that describes the types of flavors and textures that may be to your liking. Look to the zodiac signs that rule over your second house of sensuality and stability and your sixth house of food and nutrition, as it will show you what your ideal dining and culinary experience might look like.

When we eat food only for sustenance, it becomes a chore rather than a moment of personal ecstasy. By planning your meals out and basing them on the types of food that respond to your birth chart, you’ll rediscover the magic of tasting something incredible all over again. After all, food is medicine (and a balm to your soul). Because I’m an astrologer, let’s talk about the cuisine your zodiac sign would love, along with a restaurant recommendation that will blow your mind:

The Food & Cuisine Associated With Each Zodiac Sign

Charcuterie Board

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Appetizers & Raw Bar

You love a meal that’s easy to prepare, easy to eat and easy to share! When you’re thinking of dishes to serve or restaurants to invite your friends, the first thing you think of is whether the appetizers are good.

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