Hong Kong Travel Advice

Hong Kong is an incredible city filled with incredible sights and experiences; to get the most from your visit, do your research and plan well in advance.

Your accommodation should be your starting point – be it an affordable budget hotel or luxurious digs – there are a variety of choices available. Cathay Pacific offers flexible fares for all clients looking to visit Hong Kong.

1. Book your hotel well in advance

One of the key steps when traveling is booking your hotel well in advance. Doing this will save you a great deal of hassle during peak seasons, and also ensure you secure a great room at an acceptable price.

Studies have demonstrated that it can be more cost effective to book rooms 15 days in advance versus at the last minute, regardless of their price range (high-end hotels or mid/low range hotels).

Booking early with a Free Cancellation policy will ensure you find the best hotel deal, while enabling you to change or rebook as prices drop during your journey.

Book early to give yourself more time for trip planning. By researching available local attractions and events happening during your travel dates, booking early allows you to create a more tailored itinerary which makes exploring Hong Kong much more pleasurable.

Booking early increases your odds of finding availability at lower award rates at your chosen hotel, since revenue rates usually decrease as the date approaches while award rates usually stay the same or may increase slightly.

Booking early when using hotel loyalty programs to earn free nights is even more crucial, since doing so allows you to quickly accumulate points and take advantage of rewards nights as soon as they become available.

2. Take the Octopus card

The Octopus card provides a quick and convenient way of paying for public transportation in Hong Kong. By eliminating individual metro and bus tickets that can cost as much as HK$50 each, as well as offering discounted fares which could save money during your journey, the Octopus card makes paying public transit easier than ever.

Octopus cards can also be used …

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